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About Menecon Consulting

Menecon Consulting is an independent UK-based energy-consulting firm. Trevor Morgan set up the firm in 1999 to advise energy companies, international organisations, governments and regulators.

Menecon Consulting offers independent, high-quality professional advice on a range of strategic, policy and economic issues affecting the energy business. It has worked in the oil, gas, coal, electricity and renewable energy sectors on a wide range of issues and assignments, including analysis of energy pricing and subsidies, long-term energy projections, energy and climate policy and regulation, and financial and economic appraisals of energy projects.

Menecon Consulting draws on an international network of sectoral and functional specialists to create project teams. It often works in partnership with other consulting firms to meet the specific needs of each assignment. Partners on recent projects include Booz Allen Hamilton, the leading strategy-consulting group, ACIL Tasman, a major Australian economics-consulting firm, and Poyry ECON and Frontier Economics, two prominent multinational consulting companies. Menecon Consulting recently teamed up with the World LP Gas Association to produce a ground-breaking study of autogas incentive policies.


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Trevor Morgan, Managing Director of Menecon Consulting, is an internationally renowned energy economist with 30 years of energy-industry experience.

Specific areas of expertise include energy policy formulation and implementation; liberalisation and regulation; market design; quantitative analysis of energy-value chains and inter-fuel competition; pricing and tariff-setting; economic and financial modelling; and forecasting.

Before setting up Menecon Consulting, Trevor was senior economist at the InternatIonal Energy Agency in Paris, where he worked for more than seven years. During that time, he was responsible for leading and contributing to a number of energy-policy reviews, to several studies of energy market reform and to the Agency’s flagship monthly Oil Market Report. He joined the IEA in 1992 from Coopers & Lybrand in London, where he was a senior management consultant in the Energy Division, specialising in strategy and economics.

Trevor rejoined the IEA in 2007 to play a lead role in managing the annual World Energy Outlook - the agency's flagship publication and the world's leading source of energy market projections and analysis. The 2010 edition broke all records for press coverage and book sales. Trevor rejoined Menecon Consulting at the beginning of 2011.

Genevieve McInnes, Senior Associate. has over 25 years’ experience in energy and environment analysis. Her career spans the European Parliament, the French Ministry of Industry, the International Energy Agency and the OECD Environment Directorate.

She also has extensive experience in consulting, providing advice to institutional and private clients on a broad range of energy and environment policy issues, notably pricing and fiscal policies, oil markets, energy efficiency and renewables.

Miharu Kanai is Senior Associate at Menecon Consulting. Miharu has more than 25 years’ experience in the energy sector, starting his career in the oil and gas industry and later working for the World Bank, the International Energy Agency, the Energy Charter and the Observatoire Mediterranean de l’Energie (OME).

Miharu is an energy economist and his expertise covers upstream oil and gas, fiscal and tax regimes, pipeline and LNG, and energy markets. He has written several published reports on these subjects. He joined Menecon Consulting in February 2011.

David Wallace, Senior Advisor, is an experienced energy technology and policy advisor, with extensive international experience. Since 2002, David has consulted for the OECD, the UN Industrial Development Organisation and other national and international agencies, and was the lead consultant for the UNFCCC’s assessment and comparison of national efforts to tackle climate change. In 2008 he led the Engineering, Procurement & Construction on the world’s largest solar thermal heating and cooling installation, a 2 MW project near Asheville, North Carolina, and has assisted solar, biomass and fuel cell startups with financial and technical modeling, technology acquisitions, project management and strategic business development.

Previously, David worked for the UK Department of Energy unit with responsible for international technology co-operation (including a secondment to Chatham House, Europe’s leading foreign policy think-tank).

Philip Swanson, Senior Associate, has over 15 years’ experience analysing economic and policy issues in the energy sector. Many projects have involved work in developing and transition countries.

Recent projects have focussed on identification and analysis of investment opportunities; energy sector regulation; government management of natural resource revenues; and company impact on host countries.


Uğur Öcal, Senior Associate, is an experienced energy data manager and modeller. He started his career in energy at the International Energy Agency in 2003, where he worked extensively on non-OECD countries and covered upstream oil and gas analysis in several editions of the World Energy Outlook (WEO), the IEA’s flagship publication.

At the beginning of 2010, Uğur joined Energy Market Consultants (EMC), part of FACTS Global Energy, as the Manager of Long Term Energy Services in the London office. He joined Menecon in 2011.


Jason Elliott, Senior Associate, has extensive experience working as an energy supply security analyst for the International Energy Agency. From 2004 through 2012, he took a lead role in the IEA’s team responsible for monitoring oil and gas markets and assessing countries’ emergency response policies. Jason played an active role in the IEA coordinated strategic oil stock releases in 2005 (hurricane Katrina) and 2011 (Libya disruption).

Prior to this, he led a team of statisticians in maintaining monthly oil and gas databases and providing data support for the IEA’s short- and medium-term market analysis.

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